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We strategically work with businesses globally to create memorable, functional, and beautiful identities and user experience design for their consumers.

↑ A snapshot of our work in the Food, Beverage & Restaurants sectors ↑

↑ A snapshot of our work in the Health, Fitness and Pharmaceutical sectors ↑

Comprehensive Visual Identity

We design for start-up businesses, events, and products including brand naming, logo design, stationery design, collaterals, and everything under the sun.

User Experience Design

We design web-based apps, mobile apps, websites, and even experiences in the real world — like exhibitions, etc.

Brand Strategy

We work with entrepreneurs and help transform their vision for a product or service business into a visual strategy. We can help with brand naming, positioning, voice, mood, etc.

Package Design

Packaging is perhaps the most important factor when it comes to products. Whether it is on the shelf or online — product packaging becomes the decision point for consumer sales. We have experience in creating packaging for various industries.

Publication & Print Design

Even today, every once in a while, there is a need for printed material — books, brochures, flyers help you get your message across.

Marketing Design

We are not a marketing agency — but we have collaborated with so many marketing agencies to be their design provider over the years. We create posters, banners, eMailers, social media posts, and more.

↑ A snapshot of our work in the Technology Start-up sector ↑

Roar Studios has become an essential part of The Food Shop’s team. Their expertise was integral to the success of the business. They’re hard-working, customer-focused, and patient. Their designs are unique and authentic, making them stand out from the competition.

Snehee Chaplot

Founder & CEO,
The Food Shop

In this process we got indulged into many discussions about the trends in Graphic design, Interactive design and from there into Product design and Music too at times. This helps the matter of discussion to be understood at a much deeper level before deriving the design solutions.

Nishith Jariwala

Principal Partner,
ESSTEAM Design Services LLP

↑ A snapshot of our work in Print & Publication category ↑

There are 3 stakeholders in the design process—
and it’s extremely important for all of them to be considered and stay involved in order to come up with a solution that simply works.